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Friday, June 02, 2006


Hey, im back, its been a long while!lol
Well, this is whats happenin with me,
At the end of my 7th grade year i had a really good friend named Arthur. I didnt really think of him more than a friend untill the last day of school.He eyed me and I did it back. We talked, than gave phone numbers. Later that night he called and asked if I wanted to go to a party with him and my brother. I said yes, and ever since we have been together...intill now! We broke up yesterday.The sunny part of it is that we are really good friends and was chillin today, but the dark part is we were together for a year and three weeks, and I'll miss that. Now everyone is asking me what happeind! And im telling them,"We are just friends now, its was long and fun, we're young and want to date again". So, now im just trying to enjoy my summer. Im 15 now, and feeling good(so far)!Ima be a big freshman next year(GOD HELP ME), jp, it will be fun, I think!lol
I have a myspace! And ima get a job soon, and hopefully go to New York and see my Yankees for the first time!
So,that's whats been going on with me now.
Well, G2G, see ya!lol