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Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Blonde Murder

For many of years there's always been a question on every beauty's mind. What really happened to the biggest sex symbol "Marilyn Monroe"? People say a suicide! A drug overdose. Yes, but was it really a suicide?
Marilyn Monroe was born June 1,1926, in the Los Angles General hospital. Named Norma Jean Mortensen. He mother worked as a film-cutter, being a widow and insane. She put Marilyn in a foster home, were she was in and out of intel she turn 16 and got married to her first husband(out of three), James Dougnerty on June 19,1942. They divorced on September 13,1946. In those few years she began modeling for 5 dollars. Marilyn started to study acting. 20th Century Fox gave her a contract which was over in the next year. But in 1948 she got a 6 month contract with Columbia. Later she got her first part in a small B movie "Ladies of the Chorus" . In 1950, Joseph Mankiewicz saw here and put here in "All About Eve". 20th Century re-signed her a 7 year contract. That was the years that she got big. Marilyn was than named the biggest sex symbol. She than married big baseball star Joe Dimaggio on January 14, 1954. That held for 9 months, they were divorced on October 27,1954.
After they divorced, Marilyn wanted to get away from her Sex ,blonde bomeshell image and went to New York's Actors Studio were she met director Lee Strasberg. Having time to under go psychoanalysis to find herself, she was soon back on stage with a new outlook. That year 1956 she came out in "Bus stop". Which lead her to her next marriage to Arthur Miller on June 29, 1956, which ended January 20 1961. After that she started to have a love intrerst with John F. Kennedy. That soon ended because he was a married man, but she didn't move that far from him. Not far at all. She started to she his brother Robert Kennedy. Life seemed well for her, but it wasn't. She was working on "Something's Got to Give", but that was dropped due to her chronic lateness and drug dependency to sleeping pills.
Now, in my opinion, I don't believe that she took her own life no matter what. There was someone who didn't want her to be with Bobby Kennedy. Marilyn was very beautiful, and smart. Which did spark some negative problems. The calls she was getting the day she died are very spooky to me. Marilyn was going though a rough time also which can lead us to believe that the blonde bomeshell did commented suicide. Just look at her history before you think. She had everything! Marilyn was the person that every man wanted to be with and every women wanted to be! If I was her I wound'nt of took my own life. The evidence says that she didn't take her own life. The calls,The pills that weren't prescribed to her, She even called her best friend that night for her to bring some! Marilyn was murdered it wasn't a suicide to me. Now you tell me what you think.


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Tricia said...

I love your journalistic style.
Very good job!

Now go pack!
Grandma is waiting!


At 1:04 AM, Blogger Heather said...

Great post. It was definitely murder.


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